Sherwood International Marine

Sherwood International Marine services the Greater Metro Detroit area.   We are dedicated to providing you with a level of service that is unmatched.  Service is available 24 hrs a day for emergencies and from 8am to 10pm, Monday- Friday by appointment.

Maintenance/Water Changes

15-20% Water Change
Reverse Osmosis Water
Phosphate Remover (Ferric Oxide)
Activated Carbon
Salt Mix
Filter Pads for Wet/Dry ONLY
Glass/Acrylic Scrub & Polish
Equipment Check
Small Problem Repairs
Water Testing

*Prices may vary with aquarium’s needs

Other Services

Feedings: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Vacation. $300.00 per mo. $90.00 per week or $15.00 per day.* (price may vary depending upon location and number of visits per day)

Overhaul: Tank is made to look new again. Rocks and coral skeleton are taken out, bleached and reset. Entire gravel is vacuumed. 30-75% water change. Overhaul is charged by the hour.* (price may vary depending upon location and quantity of rock/coral)

Relocation: Tank is completely taken down and moved within the household or can be moved across town. The tank is then set up at its new location.* (for a price quote please email us at

Tear Down: Tank is completely emptied and taken down. Equipment and tank are cleaned and stored or taken away, which ever is requested! Tear down is charged by the hour.* (price may be more or less depending on equipment, tank size, fish and type and/or size of decorations)





  Sherwood International Marine

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